Vivian Velez accuses Karen Davila for “humiliating” Alma Moreno


Karen Davila received praises after the interview she conducted with Alma Moreno on ANC’s “Headstart” last Wednesday, November 11, 2015 but there are still netizens who expressed their disappointments. They are blaming the TV News Anchor for being harsh and very intimidating towards Alma Moreno.

All the netizens who have watched the interview started to share the video to their Facebook wall and other social media platforms with a hashtag #PrayForAlma and indeed the video has gone viral since last week.

Another actress expressed her opinion regarding on the ‘awkward’ interview of Karen Davila and Alma Moreno and according to Vivian Velez, she’s not in favor of Alma’s senatorial run and all she wanted from Karen is to be more professional and be a gracious host. Based on her observation, Karen humiliated Alma for continuously asking substantial questions knowing the fact that the senatorial aspirant could no longer answer each question.

Right at this moment, there are no feedbacks or response from the award-winning Filipino broadcast journalist Karen Davila.