Xian Lim goes sexy


Actor Xian Lim tries to push his capabilities by temporarily shedding off his wholesome image to tackle mature and sexy roles.

The bankable actor who will be turning 29 on July 12, knows that in order to improve his acting skills, he need not be always tied up with roles that always project wholesomeness. He is in the cast of “Sin Island,” a movie that tackles marriage and the complications brought about by infidelities between partners.

In the movie, Xian plays David, the husband of Kanika (Coleen Garcia). Kanika enters into an illicit affair, while David got involved with Tasha (Nathalie Hart). David and Kanika later reconciled but Tasha refuses to let go of David.

When asked how daring the movie is, the actor said there are scenes that people haven’t seen yet especially with him as the male character. He added that as an actor, he wants to be able to do as many roles as possible.

Writer Jancy Nicolas said the movie has many passionate scenes and confrontational moments. However he stressed that the importance of saving the marriage and keeping the family intact are well reflected in the movie.

“Sin Island” is now showing in theaters nationwide. Directed by Gino Santos for Star Cinema, the movie also stars TJ Trinidad, Lito Pimentel, Ricardo Cepeda, Marina Benipayo, Bernard Palanca, Joyce Burton, Dominic Ochoa, Thou Reyes, Charlie Dizon, McCoy de Leon, Desiree del Valle and Nikki Valdez.