Zanjoe Marudo’s comedic skills shine in “My Illegal Wife”

“My Illegal Wife,” the most hilarious family comedy that will culminate the second quarter of 2014, stars Pokwang and Zanjoe Marudo in a unique love story.

Henry had amnesia and Clarisse told him that they are in a relationship when they really are not. The question for the moviegoers to figure out is whether Clarisse (Pokwang) tells (Henry) the truth or will he eventually fall in love with her.

Director Tony Y. Reyes said he is impressed with Zanjoe’s comedic skills, adding that he sees in him the young Vic Sotto. Zanjoe however humbly made light of the comparison with Vic, saying that he is just trying his best to do his role.

The 31-year-old actor is no stranger to comedy roles. His first TV gig right after his “Pinoy Big Brother” stint was “Aalog Alog.” It was also the first time he worked with comedian Pokwang. He continued to hone his comedic talent via the gag show “Banana Split.”

“My Illegal Wife,” a heartwarming story that explores the limitless boundaries of true and lasting love, also stars Empoy Marquez, Edgar Allan Guzman, Joy Viado, Mikylla Ramirez, Steven de Guzman, Anita Linda, Beauty Gonzales, and Pooh.

Produced by Skylight Films and Star Cinema, the romantic comedy movie will be shown in cinemas nationwide on June 11.